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We are a company operating on the global market and we offer our services on five continents. Despite such a large scale of activity, we are constantly developing and investing in improving the quality of our services. Thanks to this approach to running a business, Candy Models is the market leader in webcam modeling and is constantly strengthening its position.

It should be emphasized that our business partners are the world’s largest streaming service providers. Thanks to this, we can reach our target market literally from all over the world with our productions.

From the very beginning of our business, our vision has been to provide the best working conditions for the webcam models we employ. We are constantly recruiting to find the most talented models, who will be able to attract potential audiences with their personality.

In addition, our qualified managerial staff deploys newly recruited models using their own training plan based on years of experience. In our business, we use our own professional studios, equipped with the highest quality equipment and unique IT solutions.

What we offer?

It is our priority to provide our models with the best working conditions. We are the leader on the web market and by engaging with us we guarantee:

  • High income

    based on fair and transparent rates. The results of your work are updated daily, so you can track your earnings on a regular basis. We are a reputable and financially stable company which is a guarantee of our solvency. You can be sure you will definitely receive payment. In addition, we offer our models numerous competitions with prizes and bonuses.

  • Luxurious studios

    located in upscale buildings near the main traffic junctions. This is why you will never have trouble getting to work. Our studios offer the highest standard of furnishings and are equipped among others with large terraces, extensive relaxation areas, air conditioning and catering facilities where we will serve you breakfast, delicious coffee, or snacks and cold drinks. Of course, all of this will be free of charge. Each model works in a separate room, and the beautiful decorations will make it a pleasure for you to spend time there.

  • Top-notch IT equipment and software

    thanks to which you will be able to create the highest quality content. Each station is equipped with state-of-the-art computer equipment, supported by a 4k camera with professional studio lighting. In addition, we have an innovative IT system which is integrated with the world’s best websites promoting CAM GIRLS.

  • Business internet connection

    based on fiber-optic technology and 300/300Mbps speed, which guarantees the ability to stream content of the highest quality without worrying about your connection. Considering that your job is to stream high quality audio-video content, a professional internet connection is a fundamental necessity.

  • Training package

    introducing you to the world of internet modelling. We never throw new models into the deep end, without essential training and support. You can always count on real-time support with technical and substantive issues, as well as on the constant care of the manager assigned to you, who will help you with nearly every kind of problem. Additionally, we organize free photo sessions and help you promote your profile so that you can earn even more.

  • Full discretion and anonymity

    by working in a professional studio that is only attended by models and the manager. In addition, you work in an individually assigned room where you can feel at ease. Your personal data is restricted and will only be used to check your identity and age. Your clients will never find out what your real name is or where you come from. Publicly visible data will consist of a nickname assigned by us and your fictional name. In addition, we block access to your profile from your selected countries, for example, you will not be visible to users in your home country or other countries you have selected.

Who are we looking for?

The first criteria
is that a model must be 18 years old.

In your work as a webcam model the most important thing is not your appearance, but rather a unique personality, the ability to make contacts, and a positive attitude to the world around you.

Therefore, we are looking for smiling, optimistic, energetic girls who can arouse interest with their personalities.

You do not have to look like a model from a fashion magazine cover, your height or size do not count in your work, but personality and personal charm do.
Working as a webcam model
is in the commonly called "working as camgirl" The definition of this profession is related to the fact that the camgirl using a computer connected to a camera carries out paid video-conversations with Internet users from all over the world.

It’s about interesting Internet users with your person, which leads to a paid video chat. The system on which webcam modeling works with is extremely intuitive and easy to use.

It is similar in its construction to popular instant messengers like Skype or ICQ.


No. Utilizing widely available technology, such as Google Translator, it is possible to conduct conversations in a foreign language without actually knowing it. It should be stressed, however, that knowledge of English at least at a communicative level is most welcome.
No. The most important thing is a positive attitude and commitment and willingness to learn. We offer a professional training package that will enable you to get a job even if you have no experience in the industry.
The basis is positive attitude, smile on face and openness to meeting new people. Of course, in this work, as in everyday life, external appearance is undoubtedly important. It should be noted, however, that even a beautiful woman who is unkempt with a disinterested expression will not be positively received. So, you have to remember to be well-groomed, tastefully dressed and most importantly smiling; then you will definitely make a good impression.
The main advantage of this work is the fact that there is no upper limit to the level of earnings. Everything depends on positive attitude, predisposition and commitment. Undoubtedly, earnings are also influenced by the length of work and usually over time the wages gradually increase. The standard is between $2000 and $4000 a month, but we also employ girls who regularly earn $4000 to $15000 a month. It should also be stressed that there are outstanding individuals that can earn well above the given ranges.
As far as the method of payment of wages goes, we are fully flexible. The basic method of payment is to transfer money, but if you want to receive a payment in another form, such as cash, this is also possible.
The basis of work as a video model is anonymity and discretion, so the default is to block access to users from the country you are from. The people you are talking with are primarily from the US and Western Europe. It should be emphasized that if you wish, we can block access to the service also to callers from other countries. For example, if a large part of your family lives in France, we will block access to your internet service from this country on your request.
No. First of all, access for users in your country is blocked by default, and you can block access to users from other countries of your choice. You are only visible to callers from countries that are not on the blocked list. Individual Internet users can only identify you by your nickname. All personal information is legally protected and more importantly not visible to the user. Your viewers are usually thousands of miles away from you, and many of them are located on another continent. They cannot get to know your location unless you give it to them. Additionally, you will work in make-up, and your image will be passed through the camera filters, making it even more difficult to recognize you. Taking that into consideration and realizing that the image will be displayed to one of the more than 7 billion people living in the world, it is virtually impossible to associate an account on which you work with you personally.
Yes. Firstly, we will invite you to an appointment during which we will discuss the terms of cooperation and see if your home / apartment location allows you to do this type of work. The basic limiting factor is the speed of the available Internet connection. If you come to an agreement with the terms of cooperation and your home / apartment has fast enough Internet, we will provide you with the necessary hardware and start working.
No. All your personal information is legally protected and invisible to users. This information is only necessary to verify your age. The people you talk to see only your nickname, such as SweetGirl18.
You decide yourself on what days and hours you want to work, but your choice must be in line with the studio schedule. Before the start of each month, you set up a schedule with the Manager for the month, including specific work hours.
It is you who chooses how many hours a day you want to work. However, you must keep in mind that the number of hours worked has a direct impact on the amount of your earnings. This is the principle of "The more you work, the more you earn." On average, models work 5-8 hours a day. However, there are people who spend just half that time to get a satisfactory income.
The subject matter of conversations can be really varied - it all depends on who you are talking to. However, just as in social chats within websites, the leading topic is related to the broadly understood flirting.
No. You can dress as you please. It is important that your outfit is neat and that you feel comfortable in it. In addition, we can provide you with a wardrobe so you can safely store your clothes in the work area.
No. It is your choice only what you will show in front of the camera. You can be sure that if you do not allow yourself to show your body, then no one will force you to do so. Only you will set boundaries to which you feel comfortable with.
The start of the cooperation is preceded by a meeting with our Manager and discussing the terms of cooperation. Then it is necessary to sign the appropriate agreement and set up accounts for you with our business partners (including their verification of your age). Termination of the cooperation is based your submission of resignation, entailing a termination of the contract.